Well you can call us CASANOVA:AVARITIA because our third entry sure is late! The Pure Mood catch up on the books from two weeks ago, going head first into an uncanny world of multiple Oppenheimers, the return of Swamp Thing, a quiter but still crazy and original issue of THE DEFENDERS, the bottle city of Metropolis and more! So join us as Zane and Erik laugh over the joys of hydra fight scenes in RULK, quarrel over the merrit of GREEN ARROW, and in general constantly embarrass themselves.

Click the link and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Green Arrow #7, Winter Soldier #3, Wolverine #302, Hell Yeah #1, Justice League International #7, The Amazing Spider-man #681, Venom #14, Hulk #49, Swamp Thing #7, The Manhattan Projects #1, Action Comics #7, The Defenders #4, Animal Man #7, Ultimate Comics Spider-man #8

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