The fifth episode of The Pure Mood Pull List! It all starts here! Man With No Voice commits the ultimate betrayal! Erik dons a new costume, is killed, ressurected, killed again and dons another new costume in the nega-death zone while simultaneously being ressurected again! MISSING OUT WOULD BE LIKE PUTTING HOT NAILS IN YOUR SENSITIVE SENSITIVE EYES

Click the link below for none of the above described! But hopefully it got your attention and will increase our fanbase to beyond none.

Books reviewed: The Amazing Spider-man #682, Justice League #7, John Carter The Gods of Mars #1, BPRD Hell on Earth The Long Death #2, Wonder Woman #7, Dark Horse Presents #10, Batman #7, Hack/Slash #14, Batman Beyond Unlimited #2, The Goon #38, Wolverine #303, Ragemoor #1, Thunderbolts #171

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