The Pure Mood is back with the sixth episode of the Pull List podcast! We’ve got a heavy helping of amazing comics to gab about this week, including the return of EXTREME with Bloodstrike, the launch of Marvel’s next big thing, the secret of the Speed Force, a new BPRD title, and vampire mayhem in Justice League Dark. Also, new issues of Pure Mood favourites like DAREDEVIL, ANGEL & FAITH and SPACEMAN. Just click the link below and get ready to listen!

Books reviewed: Secret Avengers #24, Aquaman #7, Bloodstrike #26, Teen Titans #7, The New Deadwardians #1, The Flash #7, BPRD Hell On Earth The Pickens County Horror #1, Spaceman #5, Justice League Dark #7, Captain America & Bucky #628, American Vampire #25, Daredevil #10, Angel & Faith Season 9 #8, All Star Western #7, AvX #0, Avengers #24.1, Avenging Spider-man #5, Uncanny X-Force #23

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