The Pure Mood Pull List is back with more comic reviews for your ears to a-twitter to! Jason Aaron says goodbye to Wolverine with the help of every artist currently employed at Marvel! The Omega Effect beings in Avenging Spider-man! Batman and son deal with death, aliens abduct immigrant presidential hopeful, Buffy is a pregnant robot no wait her mind was just in a robot are there monkeys yet? Pulp occult action, webhead in a poncho in a nega-dimension, Frankenstien’s son, Doom-on-Doom, all this and more!

Books reviewed: Courtney Crumrin #1, Avenging Spider-man #6, Secret #1, Saucer Country #2, Superboy #8, Scarlet Spider #4, Frankenstien Agent of S.H.A.D.E #8, Wolverine #304, Demon Knights #8, Uncanny X-men #10, Conan the Barbarian #3, Secret Avengers #25, Saga #2, Alabaster Wolves #1, Winter Soldier #4, Resurrection Man #8, Lobster Johnson The Burning Hand #4, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 # 8, The Amazing Spider-man: Hooky #1, Batman and Robin #8

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