It’s the eve of FANEXPO here in Vancouver…and The Pure Mood was so excited, they had to talk about comics to somebody! So here’s a fresh batch of comics talk for you to eat up! An alien doctor goes fishing and solves crimes, The Hulk steals some pants while dealing with daddy issues that would make Freud blush with enthusiasm, John Carter is beautifulbeautifulbeautifulBEAAUUUTIFUL and a great story too, The Justice League walk away from stuff and become meaner by the minute! THUNDERBOLTS picks up in one of it’s best issues yet, legendary Walt Simonson brings us Avengers bustin’ up some baddies, Harren freaks us out on BPRD, Deadpool freaks us out even more on X-FORCE, robo Von Braun and the Death Buddhists, DB Cooper and a one eared red teddy bear take out down the Soviets in a hidden simul-conciousness, ALL THIS AND YOU WON’T BELIEVE MORE!

Books reviewed: Wolverine and the X-men #9, Dark Horse Presents #11, The Defenders #5, John Carter The Gods of Mars #2, Justice League #8, The Secret History of D.B. Cooper #2, The Avengers #25, Uncanny X-Force #24, The Amazing Spider-man #684, B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth The Long Death #3, Thunderbolts #173, The Manhattan Projects #2, Batman Beyond Unlimited #3, The Incredible Hulk #7, Resident Alien #0, Batman #8, The Punisher #10, Prophet #24, Wonder Woman #8, AvX #2

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