Welcome to the tenth episode of the Pure Mood Pull List! We’ve got Gorilla City, symbiote dinosaurs, Peter Parker robot clones, small county horror and more! A whole stack of comics continue to impress as The Omega Effect wraps up in DAREDEVIL, Dr.Rot returns in WOLVERINE, a peek into Aquaman’s past, Captain Britian against the Phoenix, Faith learns more about herself and Drewsilla goes crazy. So get a listenin’ and get a healthy dose of comics love into those ears a’ yours.

Books reviewed: Wolverine #305, Teen Titans #8,  Angel & Faith Season 9 #9, Daredevil #11, The New Deadwardians #2, Captain America & Hawkeye #629, The Flash #8, Venom #16, AvX Versus #1, Aquaman #8, BPRD Hell on Earth The Pickens County Horror #2, Captain America #10, Uncanny X-men #11, Superman #8, Bloodstrike #27, Secret Avengers #26, The Goon #39, Ultimate Spider-man #1, American Vampire #26, All Star Western #8

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