An all-new, all-special, all-geek episode of The Pure Mood Pull List! Your ears will a-twitter and a-tremble to the fiery passionate music of Zane and Erik dishing about alien doctors helping solve murders, a living house that consumes lustful infedility and sin, an often mock B-lister revealed as the new Scourge, a gay mutant proposal, and more!

Books reviewed: Amazing Spider-man #686, Resident Alien #1, Prophet #25, Ragemoor #3, Aquaman #9, Dark Horse Presents #12, Witchblade: The Space Between Us, Justice League Dark #9, Captain America #12, Ultimate Spider-man #2, Superman #9, Astonishing X-men #50, The Flash #9, Secret Avengers #27, All Star Western #9, Hulk Smash Avengers #4, Legion of Super-heroes #9, Hulk #52, Batman Inc #1, DC Universe Presents #9, Batman: The Dark Knight #9, Captain America & Hawkeye #631

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