Humphries and Perez conclude their colourful, dream-like surrealistic take on the Carter mythos. A man is transported to Mars and goes through a series of adventures for the alien he loves, this series has been a day-glo delight since the first issue. A swirling, madman revisionist take on a public domain character, this reminded me of the good old days, when Captain Marvel was a surrealistic hero, both across the pond in Britain and here in the U.S. of A. If you like your heroes tough and manly and your adventures sprawling and mind bending, there’s no better place to dip your toe into, save THE SECRET HISTORY OF D.B. COOPER.


Weird sci-fi fans rejoice, with this, JOHN CARTER and Hickman’s alternate-history series all coming out today, there’s more conciousness-expanding this week then you’ll be prepared for. PROPHET has been one of the biggest surprises of 2012, a concept dug from the grave of The Rob and resurrected each issue as a new sci-fi tale. Told in a poetic, slow-paced style, PROPHET explores the unknown edges of the universe. The art depicts the very wonders of reality with elegance. A must pick up for any comics fan.


Powell’s always had a way of offering scathing critiques on human society without seeming cruel, and always seeming funny. Last issue was an exception, with a rather ill-informed assault on superheroes that focused too much on cape-tropes from fifteen years ago. #40 comes back to what we love about this character and this world. Mutants, babes, right-wing Christian stereotypes and homages to classic cartoonists, in this case Daddy Roth. A solid little book that’s always striving for Hellboy quality and never quite getting there.


The series that just keeps getting better and better and bigger and bigger. It’s tough to introduce a new cast of characters or colossal concept every issue, but Hickman makes it look like child’s play. This time around ol’ Oppie eats the brains of an alien to gain his knowledge, creating a possible war on humanity which results in our heroes accidentally spilling the beans on the whole door-to-everywhere Einstein dug out of that massive brain of his, thus creating a DEFINITE war on humanity. Two very human characters shine brightly surrounded by genius-gods, eccentric world leaders and beautifully drawn aliens. Pure visionary genius by Pitarra and especially Bellair’s colours.

Well, you want more, you’re not getting it. That’s what I found in-between this week. Until next time…DR. MATTI BONES

Gee, thanks for another great article Dr. Bones! If you want even more comic review goodness, including all your superhero favourites, be sure to check out Zane and I’s video series, The Pull List!

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