Hello, fellow Pure Moodians!

As you are no doubt aware, Zane and I neglect this blog like it was a middle child. And, being that the holidays are coming up, it’s time we finally pay attention to that awkward disappointment who brought their weird new boyfriend to dinner. The podcast WIZARD magazine called “apparently some strange form of entertainment from the future where one listens to geeks talk about pop culture, I guess?” is now available on iTunes! Despite being strict PC users, Zane and I have sold out to Apple. Sort of like how I pat myself on the back every episode for picking up an Image book despite being a total Marvel zombie, it’s the kind of hypocrisy anyone can get behind! Just look up The Pure Mood Pull List to listen to the worst audio quality ‘cast in all of comics, with a new episode every Tuesday!!! That’s The Pure Mood Pull List, not The Pure Moods, who appear to be chakra loving New Age hippies.

And with December rolling around, you may want to visit the blog from time to time, as some ‘best of’ lists are sure to start popping up…

Thanks for the support, and keep listening!

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