Ho, ho, ho and Happy Holidays, discerning listeners and readers!

We’ve tried as hard as we can during this busy Holiday season to stay on top of things, but sometimes things are hard to stay on top of. Things like mechanical bulls, and poorly tied hammocks. Also, podcast editing. You may have noticed THE PURE MOOD PULL LIST #29 didn’t show up this week, but it was recorded and is currently being edited. It will hopefully be up by Saturday. THE PURE MOOD PODCAST #7 has been recorded and will hopefully be up by Monday. We apologize from the deepest cockles of our hearts, except for Zane, who claims he has no heart, and even if he did, his apology would only be coming from a shallow, inlet-like area of his heart. The skim of the cockle, if you will.

But the wait will be worth it! THE PURE MOOD PULL LIST features our thoughts on that controversial launch of Marvel NOW!, AVENGERS ARENA, as well as reviews of a lot of great DC and Marvel books such as FANTASTIC FOUR, DEMON KNIGHTS, FRANKENSTIEN, CABLE AND THE X-FORCE and more. And the PMPC has an hour-long discussion on our thoughts of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, as well as our returning features on video games and novels. So thanks for the patience, and we’ll hopefully be more on top of things once things have slowed down a little.

Again, thanks for listening, and have a wonderful holiday.

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