Erik and Zane return with the Pure Mood Podcast #8! We apologize for the delay, but Zane had to take a sick day last week. I’ll have to implemenate a new policy where those don’t accumulate. The boys caught a screening of Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED at the lovely Rio theatre in Vancouver. The boys loved it, but it’s a film that creates discussion – was the character of Brunhilda underutilized? What does Django play-acting as what he views as the most disgusting figure in black culture signify? And why do all of the characters share a love of story and mythology? All this and more! There’s also a look at the recently released films SKYFALL and PROMISED LAND. Zane briefly discusses the newest additions to his collections of DC figures…all this and more!



In this new feature, Zane looks at the events of this week’s RAW, as well as pro-wrestling culture as a whole, and how the WWE’s monopoly of the industry sometimes hurts the potential of this very unique form of sports entertainment. Zane talks his favourite of the week’s matches, how John Cena’s charisma and showmanship keep him at the top of the wrestling world, and how characters like CM Punk reflect the very notion of fan culture, and how we build legends out of thin air.



It’s gaming time! Erik recently finished the first entry of the Professor Layton series, THE CURIOUS VILLAGE. The charming mood, fantastic set pieces, wonderful characterizations, out of this world voice acting and strong, personality-driven character animation make this one of the greatest DS titles of all time. The fascinating, edge of your seat plot features many big ideas about critical thinking, and how sometimes our intellect is a deeply underutilized tool to help us in making our way through life. Then, Zane takes a look at TWISTED METAL, the newest entry in the long loved series. Interesting, horror-movie back stories told through live action cut scenes keeps the Man With No Voice captivated, but the lack of characters is a disappointment.



And while digging through our mail bag, Erik and Zane are shocked to discover a letter criticizing the talents of Jack Kirby! Our two hosts, proud Kirby fanboys both, offer their argument as to why The King was a great writer as well as an amazing artist. Remember, if you’d like to hear your question/comment read on the show, just e-mail us at thepuremood [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a comment on the site! That’s it for this week’s show! We’ll see you on Tuesday with THE PURE MOOD PULL LIST #33, and next week on Saturday for THE PURE MOOD PODCAST #9!

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