vivazapatabrando2013 is going to be the year of The Pure Mood! To all our dedicated listeners and viewers, all of us here at The Pure Mood HQ, including foreign-film Brando, thank you for your patience during our stumbling steps starting in December into making this site something worth checking out. As January hits the middle-mark, we’re proud to announce a lot of the increased activity you’ll be seeing here at the site.


Each and every week, you’ll get several regular features to spend the hours raging over, correcting grammar mistakes and historical bluffs. First, as always, are the podcasts. Every Thursday you’ll hear THE PURE MOOD PULL LIST, where Zane and Erik will review all of the newest Marvel and DC books of the week, along with a bunch of great titles from IDW, Image, Dark Horse, Oni, and more! Then, every Monday, THE PURE MOOD PODCAST, the worlds’ least relevant pop culture podcast! Listen to the boys discuss comics news, movies, books, action figures, video games, pro-wrestling and more! Every Thursday you can check out THE PURE MOOD PLAYLIST, dedicated to shining a light on an LP, EP, or even song that demands listening. Then, every Friday, it’s ART DE ART, dedicated to in-depth review and discussion on ART OF books, ranging from mid-century cartoonists, big-budget Hollywood features, classic comics, and more! If you can’t stand the sound of my voice for one second longer, the Man Wit No Voice will be presenting a look into the world of pre-Crisis DC every Tuesday with CHRONICLES OF COMICS, discussing classic books from the Golden to Silver Age, including METAL MEN, THE FLASH, BATMAN, and more! All updated once a week, it’s plenty of pop-culture geeky goodness to keep you entertained on the internet!


But fret not, Pure Moodians! We don’t just have regular features to keep you glued to your laptop through all hours of the night! We’ll also have features of various regularity, including concert reviews, back issue and collection comic book reviews, movie and book discussion, and more! It’s a great time to be apart of The Pure Mood, and as always, don’t be afraid to e-mail us at thepuremood [at] gmail [dot] com, leave a comment or question in the section below, or tweet us @thepuremood or visit us at You can also catch us @manwitnovoice and Thank you for listening and reading, for the comments and e-mails, and join us for the ride as The Pure Mood grows ever larger!

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