Welcome to this, the thirteenth episode of the internet’s most monolithic comics and pop culture podcast. In this week’s completely forgettable episode of wasted hard drive space, Paul Cornell informs Erik via twitter that he read WOLVERINE #1 wrong. Zane discusses BATMAN AND ROBIN #18, a silent ode to Damian Wayne, and Erik discusses THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS #10, the civil war of the Oppenheimers. Also, Zane and Erik’s opinions on BATMAN: ZERO YEAR, Marvel’s panel at SXSW, JLA’s 300,00 plus launch, and more! Tangents include STARGATE, the mysterious attractive aspect of backpacks, Geek Easter ideas, and more! You can stream the show here, or subscribe on iTunes (and leaving a review would be a great help!).



It’s a double dose of gaming! Zane offers some thoughts on NI NO KUNI for PS3, a whimsical, unforgettable story animated by the talents at Studio Ghibli. Then, Erik talks about PAPER MARIO: STICKER STAR on the 3DS, which he was prepared to full-on hate, but is pleasantly surprised by. Everything you love about the beloved franchise, including the quirky humour, but with a new combat system that’s surprisingly fun.



Erik takes a look at LAZARUS IS DEAD by Richard Beard. A thrilling fictional biography on the character of Lazarus, Beard’s meta-novel has us questioning the workings of stories and life, and the correlation between the two. Beard makes the story of Lazarus and Jesus painfully human, but also subverts the immortal, mythical aspects of it into a story that’s quite unlike anything else. An unforgettable, unique book!

Thanks for listening and remember, if you’d like to hear your question/comment read on the show, just e-mail us at thepuremood [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a comment on the site! You can also tweet us @thepuremood or @manwitnovoice, and check us out at tumblr with the same handles. That’s it for this week’s show, we’ll see you in seven days time for THE PURE MOOD PODCAST #14!

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