It’s the Pure Mood Podcast Episode 15! Enjoy this episode, folks. It’s a weird one. Zane discusses the animated series GENERATOR REX, and Erik has a double dose of insect with BATES MOTEL and FROM UP ON POPPY HILL. Erik and Zane talk BATMAN INC. #9, UNCANNY AVENGERS #5 and HACK/SLASH #25. Of course, the frenzied reaction toward Alex’s comments are touched upon; Erik embarrasses himself while Zane seems bent on losing any listeners we were lucky enough to have. We talk about the new Marvel ongoing AVENGERS A.I., Marvel NOW! shake-ups and more! You can stream the show here, or subscribe on iTunes (and leaving a review would be a great help!).



Zane monologues at length about BIOSHOCK INFINITE, mainly focusing on a story that blew him away and was unlike anything he’d ever played.


Thanks for listening and remember, if you’d like to hear your question/comment read on the show, just e-mail us at thepuremood [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a comment on the site! You can also tweet us @thepuremood or @manwitnovoice, and check us out at tumblr with the same handles. That’s it for this week’s show, we’ll see you in seven days time for THE PURE MOOD PODCAST #16!

Intro and outro music by Elfes

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