It’s the very first episode of the Zynot Podcast! Simply click the link to listen! A place for film discussion, tune in every week as Erik talks about a variety of different movies, from Golden Age Hollywood studio era to French New Wave to silent films to Italian Exploitation to indie ’90’s comedy to new releases, it’s a wide spectrum of cinematic glory. Also, Erik shares tracks from records he’s purchased throughout the week and offers quick thoughts on them. Zynot is movie and music talk with a non-elitist bent – an uneducated self-professed Red She-Hulk fan talking the two greatest populist art forms! Suitably, discussion is encouraged – please tweet @thepuremood, or e-mail thepuremood@gmail.com with your thoughts! Or comment below.

01zynot_01LE SAMOURAI (1967)

directed by Jean-Pierre Melville

01zynot_02LES COUSINS (1959)

directed by Claude Chabrol

01zynot_03YELLOW LINE (1960)

directed by Teruo Ishii

01zynot_058 1/2 WOMEN (1999)

directed by Peter Greenaway

TRACKS: ‘The Grouch Song’ by Oscar the Grouch / ‘Battle Royale’ by Duke Ellington & Count Basie / ‘Turn Back O Man’ from GODSPELL / ‘Lonely People’ by Eddy Arnold / ‘Hungarian Waltz #5’ from A YOUNG PERSON’S INTRODUCTION TO BRAHMS / ‘Stop the World (and Let Me Off) by Merle Haggard / ‘Parla Con Mi’ by Ray Ellis’ Orchestra / ‘Beer Barrel Polka’ by Del Wood

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy!

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