Injustice: Gods Among Us


Welcome to a world where a god has decided to rule us with an iron thumb, a world where the one being who has supposed to protect us has now turned on us, welcome to the world of Injustice: Gods among us. Injustice gods among us is a fighting game that was released April 16th by midway and Warner brothers’ entertainment, it deals with the DC universe super heroes turning against and enslaving mankind. This review will go through the storyline, game play elements and extra components that make up this game as a whole and try to determine if this game is worth a buy or just another fumble by midway trying to make a good game without the mortal kombat characters.  Unlike earlier reviews I will not talk about the main characters of the game because as a fighting game it would be more beneficial to talk about the plot and gameplay without trying to analyze over twenty characters.


Story Mode

Injustice being a fighting game has a good story that most people will try to completely ignore but if you are like me and a giant nerd for these things then this passage is for you but if you just want to punch things then skip this part of the review. In the story of Injustice there are two worlds, two separate earths, now if you are new to the DC universe then this might become a little confusing so let me try to simplify it for anyone who might not be in the know; The two Earths represent two different universes, both Earths are the same but have differences caused by how decisions were made, sometimes the changes are minor but other times the changes are catastrophic and in this case the change was beyond catastrophic. In both Earths Joker attacks Metropolis and almost destroys the entire city but in one earth he succeeded, now for spoiler purposes I will not reveal how he succeeded, the death of everything Superman cares about causes him to go into a grief spiral which gives Superman the idea that the Earth needs to be protected by any means necessary. Superman enslaves the human race and starts murdering villains and heroes alike until he is left with those who are loyal to him; Batman is the last hero who wants to stop this madness and uses a new technology to bring in heroes from a parallel earth. On the other Earth Joker does not succeed never bringing Superman to do such evil deeds, now Batman brings the Justice League from the good Earth to bring down and stop Superman and his Regime. The story mode plays out rather quick but satisfying, each segment or chapter is based around a character who you are made to play as for six or seven fights before you are switched off to another hero, the heroes you play as fight battles and have mini quick time events that help make the battles easier or harder. The cinematic elements both bring in the fun story and add in great voice acting that make you feel for the characters in the game, the writers know the characters well it feels like and that in turn makes it that no character speaks out of character which you can appreciate if you’re a nerd like me. The story plays out for about four hours and can be replayed as many times as you wish but the part that makes me a little disappointed is that you can’t play both sides of the story, which was something I appreciated from the horrible Mortal kombat vs. DC.

Score: 5/5


Game Modes

The other Story mode is a mission mode called S.T.A.R labs that brings in elements of new game play elements, like two side scrolling and third person shooting, into a 2.5d fighting game. S.T.A.R labs may not have voice acting and may not have cinematic but you still feel like you are doing something important as you play through these mini stories for every character. What most games called Arcade mode in this game is called “Battle Modes” and this gives the game more replay abilities, not only does every character have his or her own personal endings, there are multiple Battle Modes from “Only Heroes” to fight every character using one health bar. The battle modes are creative and difficult ranging from simple one on one battles too your character is poisoned and is slowly dying. As you are playing the game you gain experience which allows you to unlock new battle modes, concept art, character skins or new music. The last mode I am going to talk about is “Zombie Mode”, Zombie mode is a disappointment because there is no difference between that and normal mode besides the fact that the characters look grey and worn out.

Score: 4/5


Gameplay and Extra Goodies

The gameplay is similar to Mortal Kombat in combo systems but has a very unique way of going at it. First I will talk about the thing everyone is talking about which is the background interact ability, the fighting mechanics are fast paced and the ability to grab random objects from the background to fight gives this game a new edge. The best thing about this game is that there are no round breaks, there are rounds but it doesn’t inform you and no one is healed from round to round giving a person no time to catch a breath until the match is over. The other unique thing is that there is a once a match wager system that allows a person to wager your super meter for either damage or health. The last thing I want to talk about is the extra goodies that the game has to offer, the game comes with a variety of extra costumes that vary from redesigns to character skins based off comic book plotlines. The concept art is shown for every character and can be unlocked and the DLC content is already huge amount for a game that has just come out.

Score: 5/5


Final Thoughts

This is a fighting game so unfortunately talking about it is minimal at most but I will have to say this is a unique fighting system which uses fast paced action that never gets old, I think this a must buy for fighting game and DC fans.  


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