It’s the Pure Mood podcast episode thirty one! You can listen the show here, stream on the player above or subscribe on iTunes! Zane is back and we celebrate his return by talking MEGA MAN, Mark Miillar and lots more! Yes, that’s right, two dorks who should know better talk sexual exploitation and ethnic representation in superhero comics! We also review SIDEKICK #1, QUANTUM AND WOODY #2, TMNT #24 and ANGEL AND FAITH #24. We take a break from the segments and offer straight comics and pop culture talk – with impassioned arguments about creator rights, Steve Ditko and Sigma and his dumb face.

If you’d like to hear your question/comment read on the show, just e-mail us at thepuremood [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a comment on the site! You can also tweet us @thepuremood or @manwitnovoice, and check us out at tumblr with the same handles. That’s it for this week’s show, we’ll see you in seven days time for THE PURE MOOD PODCAST #32!

Intro music – ”The Heart Gently Weeps” by Wu-Tang Clan

Outro music –  “Song for Zula” by Muchacho

 pmpc31_04 pmpc31_01 pmpc31_03 pmpc31_02

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