It’s the Pure Mood podcast episode thirty two and the end of the podcast in it’s current form! You can listen to the show here, stream by clicking the play button above, or subscribe on iTunes! Zane and Erik begin the show with stories about eating brownies with bitter lesbians, ZARDOZ, why the bat breaking through Bruce Wayne’s window is uh actually you guys really scientifically inaccurate, and more! Then, we review a couple comic books – namely, BATMAN #23 and RESIDENT ALIEN: SUICIDE BLONDE #0.


Reviewed by frequent guest Rob in a previous episode, Zane talks FIRE EMBLEM: AWAKENINGS for the Nintendo 3DS. Zane once again spends almost an hour talking about a game while Erik nods politely and is then unable to repeat even one thing said. This game sounds like a good one if you like dragons and things.


And that’s the show! I mean, that’s really the show. That’s it, forever. But of course, just like Batman, the Pure Mood never really dies! After a lot of debate between your two beloved hosts, the show is going to be retooled and return as something much more structured and, hopefully, a little more unique. There are a million and one podcasts out there featuring two dudes awkwardly rambling about the comics and video games they like, and we’re kind of sick of being just another one. The new show will probably alienate some, annoy most and hopefully entertain at least a few. Stay tuned for news on the next evolution of Pure Mood podcastery this week, and for the people who’ve suffered through our last year of attempts at podcasting, sincerely, thank you. I don’t think we ever really produced anything of interest, but it was a path we needed to take, and the the end result will be a product you’ll hopefully find worth listening to.

This has been The Pure Mood Podcast, a worthless boring show featuring a worthless and boring person and a rampant egotist, talking about comics, video games and pop culture. The new show will still focus on these things and feature these same people, but it will also include new elements like, y’know, focus, production value and entertainment. Normally the first things to be tossed out the window in an amateur podcast.

Intro music – ”Weird Shapes” by Surfer Blood

Outro music –  ‘Thunderbolt (Death Grips Remix)’ by Bjork



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