THE PURE MOOD PODCAST may have met it’s end last week, but they just couldn’t keep us down! The proud return of The Pure Mood’s comics and pop culture comedy podcast! Erik and Zane (sometimes known as the Man With No Voice) offer up a varied product of audible entertainment – from reviewing selected comics of the past week to revisiting the so-called Attitude Era of the WWF or discussing every episode of KAMEN RIDER from the beginning! This is what happens when two life-long geeks and best friends since birth are given a microphone and an internet connection.


0:00 – 10:00 – It’s an intro to a new podcast! Why did we start over from new number one BECAUSE DC TOLD US TO THAT’S WHY

woodrow10:00 – 13:40 – something something obligatory THE SIMPSONS and/or MONTY PYTHON reference


13:40 – 55:04 – The WWF Attitude Era from the beggining! First up; The King of the Ring PPV from 1996.

ww2355:04 – 1:09:43 – Let’s review some comics!

djfillinweback1:0:00 – 1:20:25 – We have a lot of fun on this show, but sometimes, you just have to get real. DJ Fillin, if you don’t quit with the smack against 1993’s WE’RE BACK, we are done. The legendary podcast rivalry between The Pure Mood and Dj Fillin rolls on.


1:20:25 – 1:39:15 – They said it couldn’t be done, but Erik and Zane went beyond all science! A discussion of every single episode of KAMEN RIDER from the very beginning!


1:39:15 – 1:43:32 – ‘The Job Interview: A Tragedy in Two Acts’

theendThat’s it for this week! Remember, you can subscribe on iTunes, tweet us @thepuremood or @ManWitNoVoice, follow us on tumblr under the same handles or send us an e-mail at thepuremood [at] gmail [dot] com. Be here in seven days time as Erik and Zane discover the menace of the Batman, watch an episode of RAW from 1996 and talk about comic books. Wait, this is the show? That’s what we have planned? Wait, no,,,

MUSIC USED: LEPRECHAUN, Plastic Man Theme from SONGS AND STORIES OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, Shaw Brothers Intro, R.A.G.U. by Ghostface Killah, Ennio Morricone, KAMEN RIDER theme, That Certain Female by Charlie Feathers

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