It’s the second episode of The Pure Mood’s video game podcast! Every week, join Erik Robinson and Zane – sometimes known as the Man With No Voice – as they discuss all things gaming – from the classics to the contemporary, from the human faces behind the games to the nostalgic memories that keep us playing to celebrations and satires of the medium we love. ARCADE TIRED is the video game comedy podcast the regular folk ain’t ready for!


00:00 – 08:50 – Arcade Tired fights to the end…er, in the beginning. Because this is the intro.

darkstalkers08:50 – 31:10 – This thing really has to be seen to be believed. Watch along with Erik and Zane as Gathera’s cosmic curse continues. We’re forced us to review a different episode of a cartoon inspired by a video game series every week…today, it’s DARKSTALKERS.


31:10-47:50 – It’s all the news that bits to byte! Nintendo throws down the gauntlet, a WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie (words cannot express the disappointment that they didn’t go with my take), and more info on the Playstation 4.

jackblack47:50 – 58:00 – A three story panda Jack Black wrecking havoc in the streets is only about half as scary as whatever this segment is.

review2blood58:00 – 1:10:25 – Zane reviews the FAR CRY 3 expansion, BLOOD DRAGON. He and Erik discuss the difference between satire and referential humour.

review1ackman1:10:25 – 1:21:40 – It’s a 2D action platformer about a demon boy killing angels designed by the guy who created DRAGON BALL Z! Order that Super Famicom now! Also, a lengthy tangent about race.


1:21:40 – 1:45:50 – SAINTS ROW THE THIRD is ridiculous, and Zane apparently only plays action-comedy games now.

gameoverWell, that’s it for this week’s show! Remember, we are finally on iTunes – you can subscribe now, and leaving a review would be appreciated! If you’d like your voice to be heard, leave a comment below, send an e-mail to thepuremood [at] gmail [dot] com or tweet us @thepuremood or @manwitnovoice. We’re also at tumblr with the same handles. Enjoy the show, and we’ll see you in seven days time for the next one.

Includes audio clips from ADVENTURE ISLAND, BREATHLESS (1984), BILL & TED for the NES, SUPER FRIENDS, BLASTER MASTER, William Regal promo from 2002, KAMEN RIDER SKYRIDER, the DARKSTALKERS cartoon, MEGA MAN, SILVER SURFER for the NES

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