Hello, faithful readers! I’m here today because heard a rumour going around that I’m the sort of person who’s above shameless plugging.  Well, a nasty rumour like that just HAS to be put to rest. As much as I love writing about comics here at The Pure Mood, I love creating comics, too. So without further ado, I’m happy to launch a load of webcomics, free for you to read! Just click the banners to check the site out!


TWENTY SIDED MARVEL is a weekly comic about the Marvel Universe table top RP. Every week, my friends and I play a new adventure, and I draw a comic recapping the events of the previous campaign. Each and every Monday, a new adventure will be updated featuring the adventures of three superheroes of the MU.

my character is Resnais B. DeVirgil DeWood, a mutant with the ability to learn the entire history of any object  he looks at. marked by a traumatic childhood, with a family that was always on the move and an abusive father, he tries to fight for social justice as well as saving the world from cosmic/supervillian threats.

my friend rob is Zak, a genius engineer and scientist who transferred his consciousness into a robot body after the loss of his best friend drove him mad with grief.

my friend dan is Amaroth, the asgardian god of metal.


SUPERHEROTROPOLIS is the city where everyone is a superhero! A tribute to the Silver Age of comics, specifically Julie Schwartz era DC titles like SUPERMAN, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES or JIMMY OLSEN, every Wednesday follow the adventures of an incredible cast of characters in bizarre otherworldly situations!


SERVANTS OF THE SERPENT is a melodrama about Dwin and Caia, a young couple living in Vancouver, trying to figure out their place in the world and maybe guarding themselves from real problems. So, you know, it’s basically every other webcomic on the internet.


BEKKO THE MEEK is a kaleidoscopic, surreal exploration of longing, music, politics and superheroes. Our titular hero, the dead pan Bekko, has lost his pop star girlfriend Tweezil Kink. Along the way, he meets Killadilla, the pop-punk revolutionary superstar, and the two find themselves together on a journey to the centre of fiction and politics. Come by every Friday for a weird, rambling epic!


Finally, there’s GAP FEER. Updating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it’s utter comics insanity in this gag strip focused on many eclectic topics, from comics to toys to animals to dating to whatever.

Now, you may be asking yourself, how will this effect what happens here at The Pure Mood? Well, fear not! I’ll still be giving you CHRONICLES OF COMICS and THE PURE MOOD PULL LIST every week, as well as Zane and I’s weekly podcast! On top of that, I’ll be posting articles on different aspects of comic or pop culture with variable frequency. Also, I’m at MARVEL DISASSEMBLED every Wednesday and Thursday reviewing new Marvel releases!

Thanks for letting me shlock my stuff, and if you get anything out of it, please give the blogs a follow and tell your friends.

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