Thoughts on comics, movies, books, cartoons, and all sorts of geeky nonsense generally told in a rambling, long winded manner. Features include a THE PURE MOOD PODCAST, a weekly audio wonderment known worldwide for sedating ornery mental patients. Including segments about video games, comic books, books, pro wrestling, listener questions and plenty of pointless tangents, be here very Monday to hear the very best in pop culture podcastery. Every Thursday, we’ve got THE PURE MOOD PULL LIST – weekly reviews of a whole hunk of Marvel, and various titles from DC, Dark Horse, Image, Oni and more! Articles of various consistency on video games, comics, collected editions, music, art books and more!


Erik Robinson is a non-professional cartoonist, theorist, film maker, writer and critic – and a professional poor person. He is the co-host of THE PURE MOOD PULL LIST and the THE PURE MOOD PODCAST, available right here at THE PURE MOOD every week! You can ask him questions at www.twitter.com/thepuremood or e-mail him at thepuremood@gmail.com. Also, check out www.tmpcomics.wordpress.com for a ton of daily and weekly webcomics, as well as www.thepuremood.tumblr.com for fan art, sketches, comics and more!


Zane Jules lives life for one reason: to read superhero comic books. He’s also a lover of high culture, including 1970’s-80’s horror flicks, Playstation One strategic RPG video games, any arcade fighter, and straight to DVD cinema. He spends most of his time writing comics, and if you’d like to collab or even just talk four panel wonder, give him a shout at davidzjules@gmail.com, follow him on Tumblr http://manwitnovoice.tumblr.com/ or his Twitter account https://twitter.com/ManWitNoVoice.

Together they create THE PURE MOOD. Spread the word, and don’t be afraid to let us know what you think.

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